Daily / Weekly / Monthly Open Group Rides in and around Houston

 (updated February 2016)


Below is a list of ongoing / consistent rides in and around the Houston, TX area.  

Since the leaders are volunteering and sometimes things don’t work out as planned,

please be reasonable with your expectations of these rides.

Also, make sure your bike is in good working order and that you come prepared for

flats and other small maintenance issues.  (i.e. have at least one tube, a small pump or CO2 cartridges, etc)

Read the descriptions & average MPH of the rides thoroughly before you arrive at the staring point–and know your limits.

If you want to take a chance and try out faster rides–by all means, do so!  🙂  However, it is inconsiderate to the other riders

to expect them to wait on slower riders… so make a contingency plan in case you can’t keep up–or have a major mechanical.

Wearing a helmet is definitely a freedom of choice issue…  but Houston Bike Exchange recommends that you always wear one–especially when riding in a group.  (If you crash out during a ride and have a head injury or die–that pretty much ends the ride for everyone else.)

Riding at night without lights is simply stupid.  Houston roads and drivers are WAY too sketchy to take that kind of chance.

So, please bring lights (both tail and headlights) on evening and night rides.  (It seriously reduces the likelihood of crashes with

cars and other riders–and increases your own ability to see road hazards.)

And lastly–CHALLENGE YOURSELF.  If you can ride 20 miles, you can ride 40 miles.  If you can ride 40 miles, you can ride 60 miles.

If you can ride 60 miles, you can 100 miles.  Usually the largest limiting factor is your own MIND… (but sometimes it’s your janky ass bike, too)!  🙂

So don’t be a afraid to GO FOR IT… you’ve got a BIG cycling community here in Houston riding beside you–supporting you–encouraging you… just make sure you come prepared!

*** If you are involved with any of the rides below and the info has changed feel free to contact me through this site and I will update the info for you.


Monster Mash Ride (EaDo area) – “We ride every Monday (weather permitting) and roll out of Bohemeo’s Coffee Shop (708 Telephone road) at 7:15PM sharp. We ride between 20- 22mph for 20-25 miles long. All rides are a semi-drop ride, which means if you can’t keep the pace you will be dropped.”  (*** The A-group on this ride regularly gets up into the 28-30+ mph range on sprint zones… and there are several excellent bridges to climb on the route.)


Toxic Shocks * Ladies only! (unless you are invited to join in drag) * Meet 6:45 p.m. Roll out at 7ish p.m. Medium pace of 18-20+ around 30 miles with some sprints. Visit our page for meet up spot.



Karbach Brews Cruise social pace, start varies


No Promises (NPR) of The North – 7:20 pm meet up / roll out 7:40 – meet @ Cycles TX in the Woodlands


West End Memorial Park * Start 6:30pm sharp, 26Miles  A group-22-28mph  B group 18-22mph – Meet at Memorial Park Pool

SW HTX Bike Club – 7pm, Sugar Land Town Square, 16-20mph, 20miles, social ride


Bike Barn Green Light Express – (Weslayan store) * 7pm roll out * can get pretty fast depending on who rolls up that week * 21 mile route * sometimes an A & B group (A group 22+ mph) * couple of good sprint zones

NPR / No Promises Ride – 7 pm meet / 7:30 roll out – Liberty Station (Washington Ave) * 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 mile routes depending on who shows up * can be fast at times but typically more like 18 to 20 mph pace.


Urban Ride – 7pm, 4530 W 34th, Aggressive Mountain Bike Urban Ride including streets and trails


West End 6:15 Ride – 6:15pm start * 18 miles or so, options for more or less * A group-20+  * B group 17-20   Meet around the corner from West End Shop on Gibson between Detering and Lester St. (Same route, more or less, as West End Memorial.) No sweep

Devo Road Ride – 6 pm roll out * 18-20 mph pace * 27 mile route * starts @ GoForth Park (9118 Wheat Cross Dr, 77095) * March to October

Bike Polo – 8:00pm Carnegie Vanguard High



Blue Line Bike Lab – White Oak Location 7pm, 30 miles, A and A- group


iCycle – 7pm * 23 miles * medium to fast (not for beginners) – meet @ iCycle @ 2040 E T C Jester Blvd

EastEndBikeRide – 1st Wed: Single Speed. 2nd & 4th Wed: Fast Ride. 3rd Wed: Social Ride. Meets at D&W at 7pm, rolls out at 7:15pm. Check group page for full details & Weekend Rides on.


Tour de Hood – Depart 7:00pm from 2305 Wheeler, social ride

Urban Bicycle Gallery – 6:30pm, 20 miles @ 20 mph


Noffwess Social Cycling Scene – 7pm @ Northwest Cycles – 290 & Jones, 20-ish miles, 16mph pace


Cypresswood Trail Group Ride – 6:30pm at Collins Park trail head

West Bike Scene – Roll out at 7:00pm * 21-27miles * Group A 20-24mph * Group B 15-17mph * New meetup location: Sun & Ski at Memorial City Mall, Houston, TX 77024


Jack Brooks Trail Group Ride – Ride Houston’s premier MTB trail with the best out there.  No drop, fast/med/slow groups depending on turnout:




West End Memorial Park * Start 6:30pm sharp * 26Miles * A group-22-28mph * B group 18-22mph * Meet at Memorial Park Pool

NITE BIKE HTX * 7pm * PJs Coffee on Durham * 32miles @ 20mph * Stat – Lights, helmets & clean pacelines

Bohemeos – 7:00pm, Bohemeo’s 708 Telephone Rd. The First Thursday of the month is “Fast Thursday” (16-20 MPH for 20+ miles). The 2nd though the 4th Thursday of the month are slow paced social rides, 12-15 miles @ 12-15 mph


New Planetary Urban Tour – Planetary Cycles * 7pm roll out * 21 miles * minimum 16mph ( A,B,C groups)

Old Planetary Urban Tour – Planetary Cycles * 7pm roll out * 25 miles * A group 23+, B group 20-22

Bike Polo – 8:00pm Carnegie Vanguard High


West End 6:15 ride – 6:15pm start * 18 miles or so (options for more or less) * A group-20+ * B group 17-20 * Meet around the corner from West End Shop on Gibson between Detering and Lester St. (Same route, more or less, as West End Memorial.)  No sweep


Bohemeos, 7:00pm, Bohemeo’s 708 Telephone Rd.  Casual group is 12-15 miles, 12-15 mph



The Woodlands Social Ride – 7:30 PM roll out. Very social. Drinking stops. Beer.  Meet at Berryhill Baja Grill (9595 Six Pines Drive)



Crucial Matter – Tour De Taco Ride – Market Square Park @ 7:20pm * social ride

Ride https://www.facebook.com/groups/CrucialMatter/

Clear Lake Critical Mass Meet at 7pm at Freeman Branch Library, 16616 Diana LN, Houston, TX 77062. Wheels down and rolling at 730pm. First Friday of Every Month.




HTX Social Ride – 7:30 pm, Montrose Whole Foods (Waugh @ Dallas), social pace (14-15 mph) with no set / regular route (gotta follow the leader) * 18-24 mile routes (varies monthly)


Crucial Matter – Raspa & Elote Ride – Market Square Park 7:20pm, social ride


281 FIXED – BAYTOWN – CORK GRINDERS 7:00pm – Speedy Social Ride

4th FRIDAY (when there are 5 fridays in the month

Houston Ghost Ride * 7 PM * Tranquilty Park * pace above 15 mph with routes TBD



Houston Critical Mass 7PM @ Market Square.  Slow, social pace.  No set / regular route.  All ages / bike types / skill levels.

(by far, the largest regular / monthly group ride in the free WORLD!)



iCycle Ride – 8am * 23 miles * medium to fast

Ice Cream Ride – 9:30am sharp * Meet at Happy Fatz * 27 miles * 18-22mph pace

Seawall Sally Ride6:30pm – 2nd, 3rd, 4th Saturdays – 10-15miles, social pace 


HDT:713 ON Two wheels- Random Saturdays – 6:30 pm Market Square Park. HDT social bar ride. Check the Facebook page for start times and selected Saturdays. 


West Oaks – 7am (winter) Starbucks 5535 Memorial Dr. – 60 or 100 Mile Option, very fast.


Zube Park Saturday Ride (Hosted by Northwest Cycling Club)(Hockley, TX)

EVERY Saturday Rain or Shine * 7:30 am April through September * 8:00 am October through March * several pace groups to choose from in addition to a new rider or casual no-drop group * refreshments afterward!




Critical Mass Galveston – 1st Saturday of the month – 2pm – 5-10miles, social pace 




Sun and Ski (Westheimer location) – meet 7:30, roll at 8am. approx 25 miles, all levels 14+mph, and a small faster group (18-22mph).  Goes to Memorial Park, then Discovery Green, through River Oaks, and back to Sun & Ski, where they have coffee, fruit, and some pastries.

Urban Ride – 8am Memorial Park, ride starts at the entrance of the Green Trail, Picnic Ln. 16mph average.  The route is always different made up of 50% pavement. The route is usually made up of, sidewalks, back roads, trails, fields, parking garages, bayous, outdoor center, parks.


HDT-713 On Two Wheels – “Fast-er Ride” – Random Sundays.  7AM BLVD Coffee on Heights. A group = 20ish MPH and B group = 16-18mph, rides are typically 30 to 40 miles.


Bike Polo – *Location varies – 5:00pm S Lockwood Dr and Leeland St (By Bohemeo’s)   


The Cardinal Ride – Every Sunday 50-100mi Endurance Ride. Starting at 06:30 (during summer) 07:30 (during winter) from Bohemeo’s- 703 Telephone Rd. The route will go North, South, East and West.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/690689664390888/

Urban Bike Gallery – Wheels down 8 AM – A, B, C groups 30-36 Miles – Helmets Required, One Lane, Pace Lines


Houston Bayou Ride Departs 8am from Market Square Park, social pace


West End Ladies Ride – Join Team West End 2nd Sunday morning at West End Bikes for an easy paced, NO DROP ride through Houston. Please arrive at 8:30 am for a 9am roll out !



HTX Full Moon Cruise – Departs from Moon Tower Inn at MIDNIGHT on the night of most full moons.


Come Ride With Us! (miscellaneous weekly rides of various speeds and skill levels; regular introductory rides for beginners)


And, finally, here is a Google Calendar of most local rides of all types that was created by Jesse Alston:




Let us know about your upcoming ride!

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