Maintenance & Repairs

Though principally we spend most of the day buying, selling, rebuilding and restoring our own bicycles… (the bikes that we have in our inventory / collection–as well as our own personal bikes)… we certainly can–and DO–perform a variety of services on other people’s bikes.

Some of the things we do regularly and quite well include:

Full bike rebuilds.  (This entails tearing a bike down almost completely to the frame, de-greasing all of the components, repacking / re-greasing all bearings, de-greasing and thoroughly cleaning the frame, inspecting the frame and all components for cracks, damage, or excessive wear, cleaning, inspecting, and true-ing the wheelset, re-installing the components, running all new cables and housings, re-wrapping the bars, replacing brake pads, then fully tuning and adjusting the bike.)  A full rebuild will typically run $99+ parts.

Full tune ups.  (How deep we go and how much we charge would depend on the age and condition of the bike.  Tune ups are typically more about adjustments and inspections and troubleshooting.  If there are no major problems with the bike, the cost is typically fairly low.)  A full tune up will usually run $59+ parts.

Bike detailing.  (Pretty much what it sounds like.  Not too different than having your car detailed.  Some riders who make a plenty of money and get their bikes pretty dirty would rather pay someone to carefully wash and degrease and re-lube their bikes than spend their valuable weekend time doing that type of work.)  There is, actually, something of science and a skill to properly washing a bike in order to avoid damaging the components by getting water inside place it was not meant to be.  A basic bike detailing usually runs $30.

Wheel work.  (This could be as simple as minor truing, replacing rim tape, changing tubes and tires… or as complicated as replacing broken spokes,  dishing, repacking or replacing wheel bearings, replacing freehubs and freehub bearings, replacing cassettes, etc.)  Truing a fairly straight wheel usually runs $10.. but can cost a bit more if the wheel is in really bad shape.

Miscellaneous repairs.  (Repairing, replacing, or adjusting chains, cassettes, cables, housings, brake pads, shifters, derailleurs, cranksets, chainrings, headsets, stems, handlebars, bar wrap, pedals, seatposts, saddles, tubes, tires, etc.)  We typically charge $40 per hour for misc repairs… with a $10 minimum.  So, if you just need a simple adjustment of your gears / shifting or your brakes… it will probably only cost you $10.

Fitting.  (Though we are not specifically a bike fitting studio, we have basic knowledge and understanding of proper frame sizing and other basic adjustments in order to fit your current bike to your specific body dimensions as well as possible.  If you have the wrong size frame or components (crank arms, stem, seatpost, etc) there’s only so much we can do.)  Our BASIC FIT is $50.  We also have an ADVANCED FIT option that runs $100.

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