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Restoration–as opposed to basic, regular maintenance–is usually about taking a bike that is OLDER and / or RARER than than a contemporary or mass produced bicycle… taking it apart piece by piece… de-greasing all of the moving parts and components… removing any rust from the chromed bits and pieces… truing wheels and replacing rotten rim tape… re-packing and /or replacing bearings… sometimes stripping and repainting the frame… carefully reassembling all of the components… replacing tubes and tires, grips and bar tape, cables and housings… in order to extend the useful life of the bike–and hopefully preserve it for future generations.

Sadly, the bicycle manufacturing industry is all but dead in the western world.  The vast majority of bicycles–and parts–are mass produced in gigantic factories overseas in places like Taiwan and China.  So in 20, 40, 60, 80 years there will be even fewer American, French, Italian, and Spanish made bicycles on the road than there are today.  Megalomaniacs like TREK (Klein, Lemond, Gary Fisher) and DOREL (Schwinn, Mongoose, GT, Cannondale) have been gobbling up the premier American bicycle brands for years–and quietly and unceremoniously putting them out of business–or even worse–slapping their much revered names onto cheap, foreign made junk (Schwinn, Motobecane, Mercier, Raleigh, etc).  But their legacy lives on in the bikes they once thoughtfully designed and skillfully manufactured locally–often by hand–that are still either on the road today–or still able to be preserved through Restoration.

If you have a great old bike that has fallen on hard times but you believe can–and should–be preserved… let us know!

We’d love to work on it with you.

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